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Men jeans, one of the most versatile clothing articles for men, basically they combine with almost all other clothes and can fit any style. One may consider that men’s jeans are simple and boring however this doesn’t have to be truth. 
Even if the focus is typically on the women, but men's fashion is just as important. We don't want half the population looking stylish and the other half wallowing in dowdy, unflattering apparel, do we? Trends in men's clothing, especially when it comes to jeans, don't fluctuate as much as women's, but there are still some styles to keep an eye out for.
And let’s face it Jeans are fashionable and are worn by men of all age and social status.
The trend for this 2011 will be the manifold models, from the classic lines of five buttons to bell bottom and narrowed
Well known brands as Levi’s, Wrangler, Lee, Diesel and many based their collections designs for 2011 by traditional fashion. The 2011 of nudie includes seven different models and five new colorations.
Some of the trends of Men's jeans for 2011 are:
Guess Boys 8-20 Brit Rocker JeanDKNY Jeans Bleecker JeansNarrowed men’s jeans are one of variation of men’s jeans, which distinction is expressed in outlining feet and thighs. A lot of men do not decide to wear narrowed men’s jeans, because consider them too eccentric, Hailey Jeans Co. Juniors Chain Accent Narrow Fashion Belt , Hailey Jeans Co. Juniors Narrow Fashion Belt unsuitable for a serious young man which sticks to traditional style in clothes. Narrowed men’s jeans suit  for young people with a good, beefy figure.
Bell-bottomed jeans Levi's 545 Misses Low Rise Slim Fit Boot Cut Jean are always in fashion. They are loose which makes them comfortable. Men’s bell-bottomed jeans make any man stylish and attractive. This style of jeans fits well on young men with a slender figure, his appearance becomes more sexual and helps men of middle age which are dressed in them to look younger.

Straight leg jeans. It is a good idea to invest  Riggs Workwear By Wrangler Men's Relaxed Fit Jean ,  in one of the biggest trends for men at the moment, the classic straight leg jean. Of course, skinny jeans can still live in your closet and come out to play as often as you like, but having a great fitting pair of straight leg is essential. For those days when you aren't feeling hipster and don't want to feel particularly trendy with boot cut styles, straight leg is the perfect option. Not only are these jeans classics but if done right, can look like absolute style perfection. Here is store that u can choose as your style.
Levi's Mens 559 Relaxed Straight Leg JeanLevi's Men's 550 Relaxed Fit Jean 
Levi's Mens 550 Relaxed Fit Jean

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